Our Aims

The aim of the VenAfrica Real Assets Projects is to:

  • Provide investors with exposure to the Kenyan real asset market.
  • Acquire and hold a portfolio of freehold and leasehold properties nationwide, and manage these assets for optimum return.
  • Develop and manage purpose built estates of residence, commercial suites and retail centres in strategic and select areas.
  • These suites will be state-of-the-art; answering the progressive persons.

Our Work Is Solutions; Your Solutions



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 The aim of this fund is to acquire and manage a portfolio of freehold and leasehold properties for Kenyan University and/or tertiary education entities. This by investing in the development of private halls of residence. The accommodation will primarily comprise studios which will then be rented predominantly to post first year students, postgraduates and international students.

31 Dec


The fund focuses solely in the development of Hotels. VenAfrica has paid notice to the demand for high end hotels in Kenya as the population has adapted to Travelling and going out to dinner and celebrating occasions like weddings, anniversaries etc.

This fund invests in the development of office parks that are modern, chic and inimitable. The office parks are set apart to provide offices to multinationals and national companies as well as individuals with the aspiration to associate with the visions reflected in our developments That is, “the different way, better in every way”.


This fund invests in the development of commercial offices that are modern, chic and inimitable. 

31 Dec


The fund focuses solely in the development of malls, shopping centres. VenAfrica has paid notice to the demand for Malls in Kenya as the population has adapted to shopping (window shopping as well as actual buying). This is an indication of economic growth and the growth of Kenya’s per capita purchasing power. With this fund, we aim to develop ultramodern malls with amenities such as; restaurants, hypermarkets, designer shops, offices spaces, recreational areas, play areas, retreat and wind-down spaces et al.

About Us

VenAfrica Capital, LLC (“VAC”) is a private equity firm with a focus on alternative investment vehicles (especially real asset) and a guarantee to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns and capital preservation for its clients. We partner with clients to provide well researched real estate projects as well as negotiated private equity capital solutions to small and middle market enterprises across a wide range of industries.

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